MakerMinded makes it – into EdWeek!

MakerMinded welding event

by Heather Sherman at Battelle The MakerMinded program aims to help students engage in STEM activities, learn about career opportunities in advanced manufacturing, and develop skills to participate in the future workforce.   We partnered with LIFT (Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow) to expand MakerMinded into Ohio this year.  Last week, EdWeek’s Benjamin Herold wrote a piece about how MakerMinded is engaging students across the state: Reviving the Manufacturing Sector, Starting in Middle School As the lead for the MakerMinded project, I was thrilled […]

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How this Fab Lab builds a movement, including a summit in June

Many STEM educators believe that Fab Labs are truly fabulous. The small-scale fabrication laboratories, which are finding their way into more schools, are usually equipped with computer-controlled tools that students can use to make products that solve problems. Fab Labs are part of the growing Maker education movement. To find out more about the movement and the upcoming Central Ohio FabLab Innovations NetworK-12 Summit, we contacted Thomie Timmons, Innovation Coordinator at Reynoldsburg City Schools in Central Ohio, a district that […]

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Students get their hands dirty at Cedar Point through new STEM event

Anywhere people have a bit of fun, we’ll probably make a bit of a mess. At amusement parks, the business is fun. That means a serious mess. The Success Bound Innovation Faire at Cedar Point celebrated students across Ohio solving real-world problems. Thanks to a collaboration between the Ohio Department of Education, OSLN, Lorain County ESC, North Point ESC, and EHOVE, 283 students descended upon the park for a slew of real-world challenges. And of course, Cedar Point provided free […]

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Announcing the 2018 OSLN Student Voice winners

This year, we received over 200 essay submissions from middle and high schools across the state of Ohio. Each student talked us through solving a problem in their life, community, or world. We learned about grand topics, like climate change and space junk, and everyday ones, like bullying and access to food. In the coming weeks, we’ll profile these students, their solutions, and their hopes for the future. For now, congratulations to our middle and high school winners! Middle and […]

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Students showcase solutions to heart disease for 2018 Ohio design challenge

“We want to help people stay healthy,” – 1st grader Lily England from Unioto Elementary School in Chillicothe at the 2018 Student Solutions Showcase. At the start of the school year, we joined with the American Heart Association to ask students to put their knowledge and creativity toward ending heart disease. On Tuesday, more than 100 students from across Ohio came to Columbus to show off their ideas. This year’s event reached more students than ever. It also was the […]

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Recognize an excellent Ohio STEM teacher, leader, or advocate

Do you have a phenomenal STEM educator in your building? Are there leaders in your school or district that encourage innovation? Is your colleague leading the charge in advocating for STEM? Applications for our 2018 OSLN STEM Innovation Awards are now open! The STEM Innovation Awards will recognize a phenomenal teacher, school or district level leader, and advocate in STEM education. Help us find the trailblazers in your community who are expanding access to quality STEM education. The STEM Innovation Awards recognize […]

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In the classroom with Coach Tee

When we last spoke to Coach Tee, she was in the middle of our Code.org training for the 2017-18 school year. After Spring Break, we visited her classroom to see student learning in action as they worked through Computer Science Discoveries Unit 3 – Animations and Games. Coach Tee is a bit of a superhero. She runs Book Club, Robotics Club, STEM Bicycle Club, and Media Club. She serves as an academic advisor for student-athletes, and assistant coaches the girls […]

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