Spread the word about #hourofcode with your ideas on creativity

November 19: Thanks to all of you who joined in! It’s time to unveil our new video asking students “What will you create?” In just a few weeks, we’ll kick off the Hour of Code Challenge during Computer Science Education Week, December 3–9th. This week is designed to encourage students and teachers to try an hour of Computer Science. Computer science is about more than technical knowledge, it’s also about creativity. That’s why this year’s theme for #HourofCode is creativity. To […]

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Send us your Design Challenge questions!

This week, we’re taking a break from our Design Challenge Design Cycle posts to check in and see what questions you have about participating in the Food Security Design Challenge at your school. Next Thursday, we will provide a FAQ page with answers to your questions. From what we’ve heard already, you have questions like: “How do I organize a school-wide showcase” and “What do we need to do to participate in the state-wide showcase at Battelle” and “when is […]

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STEM school turns Manufacturing Day into week of learning

At Graham Middle School in western Ohio, building opportunities for students is Job No. 1. That’s why the school curriculum emphasizes preparing students for manufacturing careers. And, the fact that the school is in rural Champaign County isn’t lost on administrators and staff: They are using land around the building to incorporate agricultural education into classwork, too. To find out more about the myriad goings-on at Graham, including the recent Manufacturing Day activities, we contacted Principal Chad Lensman: Q: Why […]

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Resources and more for the 2019 Food Security Design Challenge

Just two weeks ago, we hosted a full day of programming on the 2019 Ohio Design Challenge with our design challenge partners, Ohio Soybean Farmers and Ohio Corn and Wheat. We had a great group and learned about many resources students can use toward this year’s challenge: Work as a team to imagine, design and prototype a solution to increase food security in your life, community, or world. As a reminder, the design challenge process moves through steps. First, you define the problem. Just […]

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Dayton Regional STEM School breaks ground on a new decade

Twenty years ago, a Value City furniture store stood in the place of the Dayton Regional STEM School (DRSS). Ten years ago, after an extensive renovation, the inaugural class made Dayton’s first STEM school a reality. Last week, DRSS broke ground on another renovation – a 30,000 square foot expansion. The space will house five classrooms, a science lab, an innovation lab, assembly hall, and breakout space. With the extra room, DRSS will add 130 more students by 2025. “Not […]

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Design challenge: Help students focus with a design brief

Leading a design challenge can be daunting, especially when the problem is complex and wide-ranging. This year’s Ohio Design Challenge is no different: Work as a team to imagine, design and prototype a solution to increase food security in your life, community, or world. Food security can cover issues like how we grow food, how we transport it, and how it’s distributed. With a topic this big, students can get stuck. One of the best ways to help is to […]

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Tour a STEM school this fall

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Each fall, we ask our STEM school to open their doors and invite interested educators to visit and their about their diverse models. Below, we’ve gathered thirteen different dates over twelve different STEM school sites. This year’s tours include the PAST Innovation Lab, a STEM education provider that also hosts students from Metro Early College High School and Middle School during the day. We encourage each school to organize these tours in the way that best suits them. That includes […]

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