Applications open for Innovative Leaders Institute

Through the Innovative Leaders Institute, top STEM leaders from across the country design and lead a multi-week mentoring and school-planning experience. These experts, many of whom led top-performing schools, share their methods and knowledge with other principals and educators. Apply here.

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STEM Designation 101: Showing the best of your school

A free webinar on applying for STEM designation will be held on Friday, February 27, 9:30-10:30 AM. Register by Wednesday, February 25th to hold your spot.

STEM school designation can open up new opportunities for a school. Applications for designation are reviewed by a panel of representatives from key state agencies and the Ohio General Assembly.

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Looking to understand Career Tech? Training available

From the start, Global Impact STEM Academy has prided itself on a unique approach to STEM. The school embeds Ohio’s rich history with agriculture into its design – offering students pathways to careers in Food Science, Bioscience, Energy and the Environment. Global Impact has also deeply integrated Ohio’s programs around Career Technical Education into its operation and into the opportunities it provides for students. To share the lessons they’ve learned, Global Impact has partnered with us to offer a one-day, five […]

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NASA seeking student designs – to be dropped six stories

Dennis P. Stocker is a scientist at the NASA Glenn Research Center who studies flames using microgravity. He reached out with news about a design challenge that sounds like a great fit for teachers looking for ways students can get into real-world science – the Capillary Effects on Liquids Exploratory Research Experiments (CELERE) Design Challenge. We asked a few more questions about the opportunity and why it’s such a great fit for young scientists.

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Teachers: Survey open for great group (plus chance for Amazon bucks)

Hi teachers, we wanted to let you know about an easy opportunity to help out a longtime partner of STEM in Ohio, the Literacy Design Collaborative. The group works to make it easier for teachers to tackle literacy gaps in student learning in all kinds of classes, from science to social studies. They do this through free online resources where teachers can see how to integrate literacy into their discipline. For example, a science teacher could find all the resources […]

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Ohio STEM Schools Showcase Innovative Practices in Action

When I started visiting Ohio STEM schools in 2012, I didn’t know what to expect. What I saw certainly did not look like the school I taught in many years ago or the schools I attended growing up. In fact, in many cases, it looked like organized chaos. I wondered if students were actually learning anything.

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Top tweets from schools leaders chat

[View the story “STEM school leaders chat” on Storify]

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