Engineers, educators and students meet at Wadsworth camp

Header image of girls at Wadsworth camp

Summer camp sounds fun. Summer STEM camp sounds a bit more complicated — and challenging. In summer 2015, when Wadsworth City Schools, in northeastern Ohio, created a summer STEM camp from the ground up, teachers and administrators discovered just how challenging it can be. Fresh off the district’s second STEM camp, and benefiting from the experience gained, Michele D. Evans, director of instruction and professional development with Wadsworth, provided us with insights about the nuts and bolts of pulling off […]

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STEM students headed #backtoschool

160902 back to school email header

It’s here. The 2016-2017 school year is in full swing. There’s a sense of excitement and hope you can feel if you walk through the halls of any school right now. To capture that feeling and show it to more people across the state of Ohio, we’re running a campaign. Throughout the next few weeks, we’ll be posting a photo series featuring students at Ohio STEM schools sharing what they’re excited about. Each week, we’ll share a new post on […]

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Our road trip


At the end of the 2015-16 school year, one of our staff members called out to our member schools. In the following weeks, he visited 13 different buildings. He heard from dozens of teachers and students. Today, we’re proud to release the first edition of the Ohio STEM Learning Network STEM School Road Trip. Sign up for weekly blog updates from the Ohio STEM Learning Network, and you’ll have access to this ebook. Have a great idea for where we should […]

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Teachers seek inspiration at summer science institute

Header image of teachers at Shawnee State

Though some teachers take the summer off, many hit the books themselves to discover ways to inspire and educate their students. In June, one such group of motivated elementary school teachers took part in a three-week, hands-on science course presented at Shawnee State University in Portsmouth, Ohio. The course, called the Science by Inquiry Institute, was funded by a grant from the Ohio Department of Higher Education through the Improving Teacher Quality program. The aim was to teach basic science content aligned […]

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Central Ohio STEM School Tours 2016

150721 CFS osln homepage

The Central Ohio Regional STEM Training Center will be opening up the following STEM schools for in-depth site visits during Fall/Winter 2016. These tours are organized to make it easy for visitors to see two schools within a single day. However, scheduling a second visit is not required. Tickets are $50 per person per site. To order tickets click on the date in the table below. Note: Morning = 8-11:30 a.m. and afternoon = 12-2:30 p.m. September 14 Order tickets here Morning eSTEM […]

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Girls build apps at techie camp

Header image of girls working at the Reynoldsburg Techie camp

This summer, we’re publishing a short series on STEM in the summer, with visits to three STEM programs for girls. First, we visited Young Women’s Summer Institute from the Ohio Supercomputer Center. Next, we learned about the digital animation workshop hosted by Ohio State. For our final piece, we’re visiting OSLN member Summit Road Elementary.  “Bacon will come into your life!” Under Principal Melissa Drury, Summit Road Elementary has been providing abundant STEM opportunities for their young students. This week in particular, […]

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Bees to bytes: Digital animation program inspires young women

Header image of girls working at the digital animation program

This summer, we’re publishing a short series on STEM in the summer, with visits to three STEM programs for girls. Sign up here to read the rest. “I can remember sitting at my computer that first day, and we moved a ladybug across the screen, like we still do. And I can remember that light bulb moment of – this is exactly what I want to do with my life.” Former student Riley Patrick reflects on her experience in Ohio State’s digital […]

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