OSLN hubs are the nuclei of regional STEM activity. Built around a STEM platform school, hubs share resources with regional STEM collaborators, including Ohio’s 26 K-8 STEM Programs of Excellence, and facilitate partnerships with local entities representing K-12, higher education, community and business. Each hub leverages these relationships to connect and spread STEM efforts throughout its region.

There are seven OSLN hubs across Ohio that commit to:

  • Design, launch and sustain a STEM platform school.
  • Spread the positive impact of the school to the broader region and state.
  • Capture, amplify and accelerate related STEM research and development.
  • Advance a coherent STEM education and economic development strategy.

Each hub is unique. Some hub staff are employed by local university partners while others draw staff from local educational-support organizations. Regardless of structure, each hub engages in ongoing dialogue withing and beyond the network, ensuring that all regions – and all students – can benefit from innovation in STEM.

Click on your region in the map below to read more about the OSLN STEM hub in your area.

OSLN Regional Map

Regional STEM Training Centers

To meet the growing demand for STEM professional development, we equipped and developed regional STEM training center sites across the state. Each training center site is designed to highlight the strengths of the STEM platform schools in that region and provide a vehicle to spread STEM effective practices across Ohio.

Most of the state’s original STEM schools have been operating for a few years and some have graduated as many as four classes of students and shown real results in student outcomes and learning. It is because of these outcomes that OSLN hubs and schools are continuing to hone-in on proven and effective STEM education and learning methodologies.

Example training topics include problem- and project-based learning, intersessions, ASSISTments, FAB LAB, student-led conferences, STEM school design and development, technology integration, mastery, the Literacy Design Collaborative tool and the Mathematics Design Collaborative tool.

Click on your location in the map above to find OSLN training center sites in your area and click here for spring 2014 trainings and professional development offerings, by region.

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