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Design challenge brainstorm with the American Heart Association

171213 OSLN heart health webinar

In October, Battelle and the American Heart Association announced Ohio’s 2017-2018 statewide design challenge. This year, we’re tackling heart disease, a growing chronic problem faced by many Ohio students and families. Globally, projections show heart disease as the worldwide leading cause of death by 2030 (source). The challenge to students: Work as a team to fight heart disease and help your community become heart healthy. We commissioned Ohio students to give us their best thinking on how to solve the […]

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Merging faith and STEM at Mater Dei Academy

171211 OSLN mater dei header

Mater Dei Academy was founded eight years ago, merging two neighboring catholic schools, Immaculate Conception and Our Lady of Mount Carmel School. Joanie Klemens attended Immaculate Conception as a child, and now serves as principal of the new school, emphasizing STEM education in a Catholic context. “We worked to make it feasible to continue Catholic education on the west end of Lake County,” she said. “We’ve been very consistent ever since we started.” Mater Dei serves students from preschool to […]

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Help your student become a #FutureCoder

171204 OSLN future coder header

In honor of Computer Science Education Week, Hour of Code has challenged schools across the country to introduce their students to the world of coding. Here at the Ohio STEM Learning Network, we encourage schools and students across Ohio to participate in the Hour of Code Challenge. Coding provides students with foundational STEM skills, including problem solving and critical thinking, while preparing them to lead our increasingly digitized workforce. The Hour of Code is a one-hour introduction to the basics […]

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STEM/STEAM application released, webinar offered

171129 OSLN designation header

On Tuesday, this year’s application for STEM designation was released. Read on to learn if designation is right for your school. Ohio is one of a handful states that has an official STEM designation for schools. Earning STEM designation brings your school into the Ohio STEM Learning Network and into a select group. Out of more than 3,500 schools in Ohio, only 44 have earned designation. Ohio’s STEM schools graduate more students from a more diverse study body than the state average. Plus, […]

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Reynoldsburg students take on local pollution and Great Lakes erosion

171117 Reynoldsburg header cropped

Heidi Leeds, assistant principal of Summit STEM Elementary, has been reflecting on how they approach STEM with their elementary students. This year, she and principal Melissa Drury went back to the drawing board. “Just like everyone, sometimes you get project-y,” Leeds explained, “so we wanted to make sure that we were truly problem based, and that we were looking at students’ relevant, real world problems that they’re seeing in their community.” All around the school, students are encouraged to connect […]

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Confidence and innovation at Willoughby-Eastlake

171109 WEI header

“I’d never thought I’d walk into a school and go, ‘come over here and check out the laser!’” Principal Brian Patrick seems genuinely amazed at his school, Willoughby-Eastlake School of Innovation (SOI). He grew up going to school in this district, currently lives in this district, and now has two children in the district. SOI is housed in a former training center for the local Eaton Corporation. The school still carries an air of business, with large conference rooms, breakout […]

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Ohio colleges: Unite seeks applications to host students for STEM experiences

171103 Unite No. header cropped

Getting underserved high school students into a summer STEM program can spark their interest in a technology career. Put that summer program on a university campus, and you might nurture much higher student aspirations. That is the goal of Unite, an initiative of the Army Educational Outreach Program (AEOP). Unite wants to inspire underserved youth to aim high when considering a career in STEM, and the program is looking for universities to host such students as they learn about technology and gain confidence in their abilities. The Technology Student Association […]

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Building STEM from the ground up at Hull Prairie Intermediate

171027 hull prairie header

Last June, Perrysburg broke ground on an ambitious new school. From the very beginning, they’ve been laying the foundations for STEM thinking. Today, over 800 5th and 6th graders are building a new culture of creativity, collaboration, and excitement in the $29 million facility. “Every space is designed to have multiple purposes,” explained Principal Scott Best on a recent school tour. Students are welcome to write on the glass walls of every classroom. Teachers are encouraged to take advantage of […]

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Statewide Ohio Heart Health Design Challenge

171026 OSLN heart design header

Last year, more than 1,200 students across the State of Ohio worked in teams to develop solutions to the opioid crisis. In May 100 students gathered at Battelle for the Student Solutions Showcase, presenting their solutions to scientists, engineers, and state political leaders (see below). This year, we would like to present another challenge, Ohio Heart Health Design Challenge to be showcased week of May 14th at Battelle. (Read about last year’s showcase) When choosing a statewide design challenge, we […]

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Amy Hill’s classroom: Student goes from “computers never helped me” to teaching others

amy hill header

This year Battelle is training 46 teachers in computer science. We’re able to do this thanks to the support of the national non-profit To take you inside that training experience, we will be profiling teachers in the program all throughout the year. Amy Hill had been teaching English for 17 years in Greenfield when her principal approached her with a new opportunity. Her master’s degree in educational technology from Western Kentucky University made her a prime candidate to teach a new […]

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