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Humor, the design cycle, and chicken hats help this librarian show children “they matter”

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Think back:  Did your elementary school librarian wear a chicken hat and Chuck Taylors in the building? Did he or she dress up as a cartoon scientist? Dance to vinyl Elvis records? Perform a storybook while reading it aloud? No? Well, the librarian at Summit Road STEM Elementary School does all that — and much, much more. And, she has written a delightful, insightful and heartfelt book about her purposeful antics and the unexpected reactions of her young students. In […]

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NASA grants launch students into design thinking

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Last August, NASA awarded $125,000 across nine organizations, challenging them to bring NASA educational content to students across Ohio. Khalila Thomas directed this project from the NASA Glenn Research Center. After a pilot year with a single school partner, Battelle helped to broaden their reach across Ohio. “I think it went really well,” Thomas said, “and with Battelle’s help, we were able to expand it to nine organizations.” Battelle managed an RFP process, leveraging its connections with schools across the […]

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Join us at the 2018 Connections to Education Conference

180315 OSLN 2018 connections to education

Calling all member schools, join us in July! We cordially invite STEM advocates from across the state to join us from July 23rd to 25th as we  convene with members of the Ohio Association of Career and Technical Education. Whether you are a teacher, administrator or other STEM expert, this conference will have something for you. Career-tech education and STEM education share much in common. In both types of schools, you can walk in and see students learning by doing. Furthermore, both […]

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Career tech education still strong after 100 years

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Today’s career-technical education doesn’t look much like the shop class or home economics lessons of past generations. Such traditional “vocational” education — teaching the best way to hammer a nail or bake a pie — has mostly given way to students learning high-tech job skills and earning professional certifications that can translate directly into well-paying, in-demand career opportunities. Supporting this transition and the educators who lead it is the Ohio Association for Career and Technical Education. For more information about […]

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New “cyber range” and hacking competition build skills

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With the cyber world becoming ever more complex and pervasive, demand is growing for competent professionals to keep the cloud, and our personal data, safe from nefarious hackers. To introduce students to the possibilities of such cyber-security work, Columbus State Community College held a competitive “Capture the Flag” event late last year. The college is also working on curriculum leading to a cyber-security degree. To find out more about the college’s interest in cyber security, we contacted Lawrence McWherter, an […]

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Student Voice 2018: One week to go

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April 13, 2018 update: We will be notifying the winners of our 2018 contest on Monday, May 14th.  Students of all ages encounter problems every day. For our essay contest, we asked students at Ohio’s STEM schools to shine a light on how they can solve them. Over the past three weeks, we’ve already received student perspectives on issues like gun control, depression, homelessness, volunteerism, self-esteem, and deforestation. More are rolling in each day, all responding to the prompt below. […]

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Heart health lessons with “Crush” the mastiff and more at Pickerington Ridgeview STEM

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We believe student voice (and teacher voice) matters. Today, we’re trying out a new approach to amplify these stories. Click below to listen to this piece as a podcast and let us know what you think in the comments. “People aren’t being as heart-healthy as they should be,” explained eighth grader Mackensie Clark, “so we want people to get used to doing that so they will be heart-healthy, so they won’t have a heart attack or have a stroke.”  Mackensie is participating in our statewide design […]

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Early College, Early Career starts students on shop floors to fill growing, complex jobs in manufacturing

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Many manufacturers across the United States are begging for skilled workers to fill positions, and manufacturers in northeastern Ohio are no exception. Enter MAGNET (Manufacturing Advocacy & Growth Network), an organization based in Cleveland that helps such regional businesses grow and compete. MAGNET is sponsoring a workforce program to interest area high school students in manufacturing careers and to get them paid internships on shop floors well before graduation. The program is called Early College Early Career. For details, we […]

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Announcing our 2018 student essay contest

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April 13, 2018 update: We will be notifying the winners of our 2018 contest on Monday, May 14th.  Last year, we ran our inaugural student essay contest. We were thrilled by the responses from 100 students from across the state. Thanks to students like Erica Barnes, we learned more about how middle and high schoolers persevere through personal challenges, in and out of school. In 2018, we want to keep learning from and listening to Ohio students of all ages. Even when solving problems […]

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Ohio teacher spends her birthday learning computer science with peers

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In partnership with, Battelle is training 46 teachers in computer science. Last year, we profiled Amy Hill’s first impressions of her computer science training. We spoke with her again over lunch in January. On her birthday, Amy Hill could have been anywhere. It was a Saturday with the snow finally melting after a week of bitter ice and cold. So, where was she celebrating? She was in Columbus, Ohio, meeting up with her cohort. If you ask her […]

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