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Ohio’s ‘Justice League of Afterschool’ promotes STEM identity

Editor’s note The Ohio Afterschool Network will be sharing after-school STEM activities at the Technology and Engineering Showcase at the Ohio State Fair on August 2, 2019. Come to the Fair and learn! Once the afternoon school bell rings, and the day’s formal teaching ends, how can educators keep students thinking about their lessons after school? That age-old question is often answered with one word: homework. While having students read, write and solve problems on their own has its place, […]

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Meet the winners of the 2019 STEM Excellence Awards

For the second year, we’re proud to recognize four leaders from around the network. A teacher, a principal, an innovator, and an advocate each accepted commendation for their dedication to improving education in our state. Below, read the formal release from Battelle praising these important leaders. 2019 Ohio STEM Excellence Awards Unveiled COLUMBUS, Ohio (June 13, 2019)—The Ohio STEM Learning Network (OSLN) has recognized the four winners of the “STEM Excellence Awards.” These awards recognize outstanding teachers, school leaders, or education advocates […]

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Testimony on modernizing computer science teaching licenses in Ohio

Last week, Battelle testified on behalf of an amendment under consideration by the Ohio Senate to the Finance Subcommittee on Primary and Secondary Education. In short, Ohio’s approach to licensing computer science teachers is out of step with today’s needs for widespread, high quality computer science education. We believe there’s a simple solution:  allow a licensed middle school or high school teacher who has completed an endorsed professional development program for AP Computer Science Education to teach AP Computer Science Education. That […]

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