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Students celebrated for creating ideas to fight opioid crisis

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At the start of the school year, we joined with the Ohio Department Education to ask students to put their knowledge and creativity to work on Ohio’s opioid abuse crisis. On Thursday, more than 100 students from across Ohio came to Columbus to show off their ideas. Solutions included a programmable pill dispenser to limit opioid doses, an app to alert friends and families of those fighting abuse when certain areas are visited and more. One middle school team designed an […]

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Governor presents innovation awards to STEM schools and others

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Congratulations to each of the seven schools identified by Governor Kasich for the Governor’s School Innovation Awards. In conversations with the school leaders and students, Governor Kasich highlighted the ways each school helped students by tapping into their passions, building resilience, and preparing them for the workplace. A special shout call-out to the three members of the Ohio STEM Learning who were part of the group acclaimed for creative approaches to education. See below for a peek into the unique […]

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Designing an end to opioid abuse

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Ohio is facing a major opioid overdose crisis. Nearly seven Ohioans a day are lost in heroin and opioid-related deaths.1 Many schools have dealt with the fallout from this crisis. Today, we’re announcing a push to do more. This year, many of our schools will plan and implement design challenges on understanding and eliminating Ohio’s opioid crisis. What’s a design challenge? It’s a long term project where students learn their content by creating a new solution to a real-world problem. Design challenges offer […]

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Educators create connections at the Project: WRIGHT Symposium

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Choosing from among myriad professional enrichment opportunities can be overwhelming for busy teachers. How is one session different — or better — than another? Organizers of the Project: WRIGHT Symposium, set for November 4 at the Dayton Regional STEM School (DRSS) Training Center, say they offer a teacher-driven seminar to serve a diverse audience of educators and community members. Jenn Reid, who teaches English to 10th- and 12th-graders at DRSS, is overseeing the symposium. We asked her to share details […]

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Central Ohio STEM School Tours 2016

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The Central Ohio Regional STEM Training Center will be opening up the following STEM schools for in-depth site visits during Fall/Winter 2016. These tours are organized to make it easy for visitors to see two schools within a single day. However, scheduling a second visit is not required. Tickets are $50 per person per site. To order tickets click on the date in the table below. Note: Morning = 8-11:30 a.m. and afternoon = 12-2:30 p.m. September 14 Order tickets here Morning eSTEM […]

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Summer institute starts girls on STEM path

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This summer, we’re publishing a short series on STEM in the summer, with visits to three STEM programs for girls. Sign up here to read the rest. “Women have had a place in science,” says Liz Stong of the Ohio Supercomputer Center, “it’s just traditionally been silenced.” Their “Young Women’s Summer Institute” aspires to amplify those voices. This week-long camp challenges middle school girls to get up close and personal with real world science, investigating the health of Ohio watersheds. Senior Director […]

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Looking back at Connect for Success

Here’s a quick look back at a few of the tweets from 2016 Connect for Success conference. We’re also still taking sign-ups for two opportunities The first cohort of the Trailblazer Teachers, educators trained in reimagining their classrooms with technology: Apply to access the courses they created at New opportunities for computer science trainings through the selection of Battelle Education as a Professional Learning Partner by national coding non-profit Nominate an educator for these trainings at [View […]

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Connect for Success 2016 STEM Survival Guide

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Connect for Success is one of Ohio’s biggest education conferences and we’ll be there. Monday and Tuesday, the conference will bring together 1,000+ educators for 140+ sessions. Battelle Education, which manages this network, sponsored a track for STEM. If you’re coming to Connect for Success to find ways of bringing STEM to your students, we’ve got you covered. Flipbook Take a look at our STEM track sessions for Monday and Tuesday using this flipbook. See a session you like? Mark it down […]

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Downtown Akron will use student ideas to feature art

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Last Tuesday, 8th grade students from the National Inventors Hall of Fame Center for STEM Learning put their problem-solving skills to work for Akron’s art community. Representatives of the Akron Art Museum, ArtsNow, and the Downtown Akron Partnership came to the students with a challenge: What would make Akron art unmissable? The challenge is one recent example of a problem-based learning unit, or PBL. Julienne Hogarth, learning coach for the 20 student presenters, explained her role. “We try to find […]

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Ohio’s young scholars meet for competition

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“Water Quality in Aquaponic Systems,” “Bacteriophage Proliferation Dynamics,” “Acute Morphological Effects of Cosmetics-Derived Microplastics Exposure.” These aren’t articles from a science journal. They are papers by students presenting at the 53rd Ohio Junior Science and Humanities Symposium. The event gives Ohio middle and high school students the chance to show off the incredible science they can do. All before even graduating! Keep reading to see what Ohio teachers and our staff saw at the event. Want to get involved? Contact […]

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