Faces of OSLN

OSLN’s core team manages the execution of its programs to meet defined objectives with emphasis on quality, timeliness and value of results. Additional OSLN team members serve in many roles both within the network and in their respective schools, districts and organizations.

All OSLN members are committed to helping the State of Ohio inspire and train the next generation of scientists and technology leaders.

Core Team

  • David Burns

    David Burns

    Director, Battelle STEM Innovation Networks (BSIN)
  • Rob Evans

    Rob Evans

    Communications Manager, Battelle Education
  • Kelly Gaier

    Kelly Gaier

    Program Specialist, Battelle Education
  • Dr. Stephanie Johnson

    Dr. Stephanie Johnson

    Relationship Manager, OSLN/Battelle
  • Aimee Kennedy

    Aimee Kennedy

    Battelle Vice President for Education, Philanthropy, and STEM Learning & President of Battelle Education
  • Heather Sherman

    Heather Sherman

    Relationship Manager
  • Leslie Vesha

    Leslie Vesha

    STEM Relationship Manager, BSIN/Battelle Education
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