Schools open for tours and professional development

Teams from Ohio schools that register to visit a STEM school by November 5th will be invited to see powerful practices in action and possibly receive up to two hours of free, customized coaching

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Educators answer: What’s the STEM network do for you?

We asked a series of educators from places around Ohio: “What does the Ohio STEM Learning Network do for you?”

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STEM schools get top marks in Straight A Fund competition

Nearly $150 million in new funding will be coming to Ohio schools under the second round of grants from the Straight A Fund. Out of more than 300 applicants, here are the Ohio STEM Learning Network member schools that will be putting their innovations into practice.

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Trainings open to Ohio teachers

College Ready by BattelleEd trainings now open to all Ohio schools. Register now for the training series the Ohio Department of Education selected as a key provider of training to 14 schools in 2014.

Piloted at some of Ohio’s most innovative schools, a team from your school can take part in this popular, hands-on training series.

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Ohio adds new STEM schools!

Ohio already has a powerful portfolio of innovative schools helping create educational experiences that prepare every student for what’s next after graduation.

That portfolio just got a little bigger.

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Parents & Students

Parents +Students

Read through our frequently asked questions, use our interactive map to find STEM resources in your community and much more!

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Educators & Administrators

Educators +Administrators

Learn about our training centers, upcoming events and browse our frequently asked questions!

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Community & Business Leaders

Community +Business Leaders

Get connected to the STEM hub nearest you to learn how you can get involved and make a difference in STEM education!

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About the Ohio STEM Learning Network

We are more than a network that assists in starting STEM schools. We are a network that leverages existing STEM schools and programs to spread effective practices and tools across the state and the nation.


We support the growth and quality of STEM education in Ohio by connecting the best STEM schools, teachers and administrators to each other and to national resources; assisting schools and communities that want to create new STEM schools and programs; and driving STEM innovations through a network approach.

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